5 podcasts that every product marketer should know

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Product marketing 101

Product marketing is a fast-growing but relatively new discipline. Many product marketers have developed their expertise through tribal knowledge and learning by doing. There is a willingness to rely on firmer foundations, such as frameworks and best practices.
That’s where podcasts can fill the gaps, as a free, easy-to-consume channel to draw inspiration and learn from others, rather than reinventing the wheel.
Here is a selection of podcasts that deserve your attention. My picks focus mostly on the jobs to be done, such as messaging and positioning, pricing, or product launch, rather than the social and career-building aspects.

This is Product Marketing by PMM Hive

Founded by Louise Liu and Crispin Read, PMM Hive is an open online community of product marketing veterans where you can “connect with your tribe, access free resources, and celebrate success”.

Through focused interviews with their highly qualified contributors, “This is product marketing” by PMM Hive covers all the dimensions of product marketing. Among the highly inspiring 32 episodes, don’t miss the ones on messaging and positioning, highlighting their “positioning for advantage” framework, which also comes with free training and certification. And listen, to their special episode on “2003 global perspective on product marketing priorities”.

Product Marketing Expert by Sharebird

Sharebird hosts communities for product marketing, product management, demand generation, revenue operations, customer success and sales. These include a question-and-answer forum, ‘ask me anything’ sessions and job postings. Sharebird also hosts two product marketing podcasts: “Woman in Product Marketing” and “Product Marketing Expert”.

Like the PMM Hive podcast, the Product Marketing Expert episodes focus on a specific topic, so you can easily select them based on your current priority. My favourite was delivered as a mini-series hosted by Daniel J Murphy: “How I positioned this”. Don’t miss it, especially the last episode with April Dunford.

Getting to Market with Cody Bernard

Moderated by Cody Bernard, Getting To Market focuses exclusively on product launches, through 14 episodes that dig into practical advice and lessons learned (the bad news is that the last one was recorded on February 2021). The podcast is sponsored by the product launch masterclass, an online training on this topic.

The sessions go very deep into the different dimensions of product launches, but also explore the different types of product launches, from new product introductions to big repositioning launches or minor but recurring product releases. My favourite episode is #4 with Tom Bennett, which focuses in a very pragmatic way on the small recurring product releases, a topic you won’t see covered elsewhere.

Product Marketing Alliance podcasts

Founded in 2019, the Product Marketing Alliance has quickly become the largest product marketing community, leveraging its ability to connect and engage with highly skilled marketers to create an impressive content and knowledge shop. The content comes in a variety of forms, from articles to ebooks, research and reports, training and certification.

This includes tons of podcasts. Three of these are general, on all things product marketing: Product Marketing Insider, hosted by Lawrence Chapman; Product Marketing Life, a biweekly podcast; and Meet the Masters, hosted by Charley Gale. The latter is favourite, with 5 episodes that go deep into topics such as analyst relations (a must-watch), customer intelligence, product launches, storytelling and customer research.

There are also 11 (!) specialized podcast, including Into the fray on competitive intelligence, leading the way on sales enablement, ready set, go-to-market, leading the way for sales enablement, the win loss podcast, storyselling, Product marketing careers, consumer and research. There is even the Scale podcast dedicated on the African market. It’s a lot, you’ll have to sort through it all to find your gems, but there’s a lot of insightful advice and lessons to be learnt across all this content.

Pragmatic Live Product Chats

Pragmatic Institute is known for its training certification and frameworks around product management, product marketing, design and data science. Created in 2015, hosted by Rebecca Kalogeris, and delivering episodes on a weekly basis, it “delivers best practices insights and success stories from the world of product management and marketing”. As it goes across product management and marketing, it covers themes that you won’t see covered in the aforementioned podcasts.

I would particularly recommend Mark Stiving podcasts on pricing, including a couple of case studies, and the insights on pricing trends for 2023.

Jean-Michel Franco

Jean-Michel Franco

Jean-Michel Franco is an independent consultant with more than 30 years of experience in product marketing and deep subject matter expertise in data strategies, data integration and governance, data warehousing, and customer relationship management.

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